The Waiting Game 5/25/2007 01:32:00 PM

I have passed all my requirements last week and I’m hoping I can get in to the mid-year residency program. That’s all I’m up to for now, aside from building up this blog. A part of me though wishes that I may not start in the next two months but only at the end of this year. I should be thinking of all possible Plan B’s for now. Then again, who knows what God has planned for me… Patience really is a path to virtue.

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Little Sister said...

Thank you so much for your recent comments! I can't imagine what a nail-biter it must be for you to wait and hear about your acceptance to the residency program. If you do get in at the end of this year, what do you plan on doing in the meantime?

J.A. said...

Hi Megan! If I don't get accepted in the next week or so,I'm planning to "moonlight", that is, to work as a general practitioner at a hospital or clinic for minimal pay, wih no contract whatsoever and no formal training for any field of work. A friend of mine is planning to leave her moonlighting position to take the IELTS later this year and I already offered to take her place,pending my application's outcome, of course!