A Poem in My Name 5/23/2007 10:04:00 PM

Just another song yet Underneath its melody lie Vibrant stories of love Yet to be fulfilled. Answers hide within these Notes yet to be heard. Now is the time indeed for Everything to be revealed. Revelation though is An uncertain matter… Various haunting melodies On untrodden paths may Yearn to be heard, too. A word of caution then Goes to the weary traveler: Realms of music may seem At the least bit confusing. Very often, you'll feel lost, Astray or just plain puzzled. Not to worry though: Tunes shall lead you to right; Ends will be a loving flourish.
c. 2000
This is part of a collection of poems I wrote entitled "BS Biology and BS Marine Biology Students,University of San Carlos, Technological Center AY's 1997-2001: A Poetry Collection (c.1998-2000)". The collection's title explains itself. I used the names of everyone in our class to make a unique poem for each of them, using their full given name, middle name (mother's maiden name), and surame as parameter for the 1st letter of each line, the number of lines per stanza and the number of stanzas. Otherwise, anything goes. I am only featuring here my poem, with respect to anyone in my class who may not want his/her name featured thus in my blog, but a copyof the file is in our batch's yahoogroup. I am not so sure of the poem's date, so I decided to place it in the final year I wrote the poems.