Introducing...My Poetry! 5/23/2007 09:22:00 PM

Finally, I have decided against keeping another blog to feature all my own favorite poems in and will therefore post them all here instead. After each poem, I may also include a short explanation, specifically of some of them which have an autobiographical context.
I have always had an inclination for creative writing since early childhood. I loved to make up stories and spent many summers writing on my desk for days at an end instead of playing outside. I think my best work always came up when I was experiencing strong emotions. Excluding the school paper and a few websites, I have never been published though. Landing the staff position of literary editor in my senior year in high school was a dream come true! However, it was never my intention to make a career out of writing.
The last time I seriously wrote as my main hobby was probably my last year in the University of San Carlos as a Biology major or my first year of medical school at the Cebu Institute of Medicine. Medical school gave me writer's block. I hope the exercise of blogging can shrug it off. I plan to write more poetry and essays in the future, maybe even some short stories. Keep in mind the years the poems were written as several things regarding my circumstances have changed since they may have been written.
Anyone can copy my works as long as my authorship is acknowledged by my initials "jara" with which I sign all my poetry.
It doesn't matter if my works seem incomparably insignificant compared to Shakespeare or even Jose Garcia Villa...
It doesn't matter at all, for I am certain that all my works will live on far beyond my years if I dare to choose them to...

2 other thoughts:

Rita Taplatzidou said...

i'd suggest you don't include explanatory notes...poems don't need to be explained, but felt and poets do not say things, they describe them! :)

J.A. said...

Thank you for the comment, Rita!
I still prefer to write notes after each of these older poems. This is not in order to explain or to say things rather than to describe them. I like to think of the notes as a poem diary or journal. It's the way I remember the context in which they were then written.

I promise though that in the new poems I shall post in the future, no such notes would be placed.