Of Fathers and Daughters 12/01/2013 11:25:00 AM

I enjoy looking at pictures of my married friend's husbands with their daughters, especially if the picture is that of their infant or toddler kids. You see the mutual adoration and unconditional love of a father for the little girl and the little girl's pure trust in her father who takes her up in his arms.
My own relationship with Papa had its up and downs but today I do enjoy mundane conversations with him about one topic or another that this jack-of-all-trades father of mine knows about. He's a chemical engineer who raised pigs to support himself through college while on a scholarship, has worked in Saudi Arabia, travelled to Japan and the Netherlands, put up his own business, planted his own mangoes and still oversees a farm in the province. He has a lot to still teach me.
It is important for a woman to be able to relate with God the Father in her own spiritual life as well. That is the essence of divine filiation that springs from knowing you are loved for your own sake as a daughter of God, and at the same time you develop a personal relationship in prayer, gaining knowledge from your conversations with one who is All-Knowing.
In my own experience, that time of prayer and conversation with my Father God has been such a source of comfort. Knowing He is there ready to listen to me anytime , anywhere, no matter what 
may come my way, good or bad has made all the difference in my life.
All human fathers have to give just those two things to their daughters: A love that can be a source of their strength in times good and bad and that opening up of the world around  full of knowledge that can be used for the common good. 
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