rAdIoLoGy NoTeS 23: Under Construction 9/16/2009 02:17:00 PM

For the past few weeks, we have been in the midst of the ongoing changes a the department's ct-scan with the pull-out of one machine,renovation of the scan room, reception area and control roon, and the upcoming installment of the brand new machine.

We're still open for business though...

Thus all the inconveniences: dust flying left and right, the worker going in and out, the scent of paint, thinner varnish, etc. all over the air, cables, wires, pipes, left and right, the noise of the drillers, hammers, drivers, etc, the construction crew moving in and out of the area the whole time...

What is one to do then?

One can choose to complain the whole day and drive oneself ill... On the other hand, I think the best response is to take in all these inconveniences with a smie and inwardly offer them up to our Lord.

Offering unexpected inconveniences to our Lord makes for a triple win situation: You are not going to be saddled down by the inconveniece, you can gain merits in front of our Lord, and you can also attached an intention to the inconvenience as well.

All it takes is inwardly saying: "Lord, I offer up this noxious chemical smells to You with the intention of my mother getting better from her current illness." You can replace the underlined words with your own inconveniences and your own intentions.

That's the beauty of seeing things in a supernatural manner.