The Mother's Eyes (April 22, 2000) 5/25/2007 01:12:00 PM

I resumed my rummage
Through the bag of clothes,
Squealing with delight
As I found the plausible pair of socks
My excitement doubling
When I discovered
They were a perfect fit indeed
For the little babe's feet
Then, I saw the mother's eyes
As she tried to return my wide smile
And it was only then when I know
I felt less than half of what she did
At that very moment
(re-edited c.2007)
It was my first rural service project. We mostly had medical-dental missions, and had an overnight stay in a remote barangay (village), Brgy. Sampaguita, Kibawe, Bukidnon, Philippines. It was probably our last day when we were giving out second-hand clothing to the people. This is the moment captured by the poem: Kindness is rewarded by even more gratitude seen in the other person's eyes.

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alvette said...

hi.. i'm a new blogger.. can we be friends?? thanks and godbless

lotis said...

beautiful eyes..

J.A. said...

Thank you Alvette and Lotis for your comments.It is nice to discover that other Pinays can find your blog.
Alvette, we can be friends of course! I'm a new bogger too!