A Tribute to Yellow 8/13/2007 05:54:00 AM

(for Mhea L., the mellow girl crazy over it)

Oh royal, mellow yellow

How do I love thee?

I can't even count all the ways...

You're the sunshine over fields

Filled with Helianthus annnuus in bloom

Light and bright

You make me happy

The sweet Mangifera indica I crave

Or lovely Musa x paradisiaca in bunches

Yes, I want to eat more

You make me hungry

These trinkets and clips

And socks in your hue

I'm setting the trends

You make me this pretty

Papers and pencils

Notebooks in my fave shade

I start thinking up thoughts

You make me creative

I can never trade you

For any other in your spectrum

'Coz you're my only color-love!


(c. 1999)

^ o ^ o ^ o ^ o ^ o ^ o ^ o ^ o ^

I wrote this for my once-upon-a-time partner-in-crime in organic chem lab. It's ironic that I have never written a poem about my own favorite color (it's deep dark blue, btw...) but I wrote one for a friend's favorite color.


  • Helianthus annnuus - scientific name of sunflower
  • Mangifera indica - scientific name of mango
  • Musa x paradisiaca - scientific name of banana