Staying Single 8/05/2007 05:41:00 PM

Here's another transferred entry from my old blog, dated September 8, 2005.

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I guess people can't seem to understand my decision to live my life in accordance to the way I know God wants me to. I still find it funny how some of my female classmates in med school who have never been in a relationship before would start lamenting about their biological clock running off. I shall never have that problem because I'm happy with the way my life is running. My silver birthday went well, yesterday, thank you very much. I was surrounded with family and friends, I had my tuna carbonara, a butter-butter birthday cake, ice cream, beehive cupcakes, a homemade card and a rose from friends I had recently met. I felt loved. Yes, you can feel love without having to have a guy around you or going out on a date. People sometimes forget that fact. I thank God for coming into my life in a special way a little over four years ago and making me feel his Love.