Return to Waterfalls (Kawasan Falls, Matutinao, Badian, Cebu; September 4, 1999) 8/10/2007 06:00:00 PM

The roar of your might

As you crash down

To the depths below

Has brought me before you again

And as before, I am in awe

Even before the break of dawn

I am drawn towards

Your strength, your courage

As you continue your course

Unmindful of hindrances

Unaware of the seeming inevitability

Of your coming demise

And I am drawn to you even more

I will always have a special place

Imprinted in my heart

For the scenery of majesty

The coolness of the pools

The intensity of the rush

And this feeling of awe

Yes, I shall forever be captive

To you that I deem

A culmination of creation

And at the height of enchantment

I can give you nothing but praise

Though this may prove to be

The final moment left for me

To imagine the ancient rituals

Long gone by

That held part of your history

Worry not

That you may be forgotten by me

For wherever I may go

And whatever heights or depths

May I be allowed to reach

I shall be in your spell

As long as the memories I keep

Shall remain intact in my mind

I will return to you

Within this plane

Or the dimension of my dreams

This is my promise