7 Came for Homecoming '07 from STC-HS '97 7/30/2007 05:33:00 AM

The title of this blog sums it all up!

Yes, folks, out of the 200+ members of the 4 sections of St. Theresa's College-High School Class of 1997, for the Aluminum Homecoming, only 7 gals were die-hard enough to turn up... And I'm proud to be one of them, and the only representative of Section B (Well, at least all four sections had at least one representative)...

So, what were we up to? We decided not to attend the Eucharistic Celebration as it was already late when all of us were together. We had photo sessions by ourselves (initially right underneath the chapel... then our former SS Teacher sort of reprimanded us so we transferred to the quadrangle--Some things never change!). After that, we decided to check out the high school building and found the brand new faculty room where we found... our former THE teacher! ->she hasn't aged a bit in 10 years!!! She showed us the fountain (aha, so that's where our tuition fees went to!) behind our 1st year classrooms (presently the third year classrooms), and the new sewing room.

Afterwards, since 4 of us didn't pay for the dinner, we went to Mango Square for more chika, snacks for some and dinner for the rest. We then headed back to STC, first for more pics (with St. Theresa's statue at the oval near Mango gate, then in front of the Suarez display->yes the pins, medals, nameplates, metal works).

We then saw the program participated in by all the batches... except for us! Yup, sort of embarassing but we did get ideas already for what we can come up with in 5 years time. Two of us left before the program ended. After the program, we finally got hold of the official photographer (He happened to be the same person who took our class photos, ever since.... Prep!!!!) for our official photo and also had a photo op with our former Math teacher.

We then bade goodbye to those who already had dinner at Mango Square which left three of us to enjoy the Cafe Laguna catered dinner and the great music (no dancing for us though, we three still made chika galore shouting over the music, which happened to be right beside us!) I pleasantly surprise to see our THE teacher do a mean swing with one of the Platinum Jubilarians. At around 9pm, we called it a night and bade each other goodbye.

I guess the rest of my class missed a lot! We're hoping that come 2012, for our 15 year reunion, we could at least number around 1 section (50+), or better yet almost 200! But even if we number only 12 in 2012, I'm sure that it would still be a blast just like July 28, 2007 when only 7 turned up from STC-HS '97 for Homecoming '07!