Iced Tea Girl 5/25/2008 11:23:00 AM

I don't drink coffee. For some strange reason, this medical doctor doesn't even like the smell of this brew which has aided generations of medical practitioners in their quest to be awake while serving 35 or so hours in one shift. In other words, I abhor the drink. What kept me partially awake the whole time (and still does today, although I am an unusually light sleeper when on duty...) is iced tea.

I'm not exactly an iced tea addict, more like a connoisseur of sorts. I don't take it everyday. I don't crave it all the time. I do fully enjoy a little sip or a long slurp every time.

When eating out with family, friends or colleagues, its my usual drink of choice.

At home, I'm the one you see mixing up a pitcherful of any instant iced tea flavored mix for household consumption. Occasionally, there's some lemonsito (Philippine lemon) in the mix as well. It could also be half an iced tea mix and half another fruit flavored mix. It depends on my creativity (or the supply in our refrigerator).

Sometimes, I take my tea hot as well, or brew it hot then place it in the freezer. Occasionally, I'd brew some tea, then add powdered milk or some powdered fruit juice into my hot beverage, take it as is or chill it as well.

Now that I seldom have the luxury of time to mix things up, one usually finds me with a bottle of C2, Lipton or Sola with my afternoon snack, bought from the hospital's pharmacy/convenience store.

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MerryCherry, MD said...

I'm a coffee addict. In the real sense of the word addict. Got it from my Dad. But I am always surprised to meet MDs who are not into as much as me. It's a breath of fresh air. :)

Got meloinks? said...

iced tea is sometimes served by default. notice it rivals water. water is served bottomless. the other drink served so is iced tea. hehehe.