An "Exercise" Confession 5/03/2008 04:54:00 PM

Physical Education has never been my favorite subject. Ever since early in grade school, this klutzy nerd has had a hard time coping up with the intricacies of a modern dance routine or playing any ball game. Later on, sometime after having had swimming lessons, I developed a distaste for dipping my self into any large body of water (i.e. swimming pool, sea, river, waterfalls) because of a certain incident which I would rather not mention... I then became adverse to any form of regular physical activity with the exception of a nature hike or long walk. Unfortunately, I seldom have the opportunity or the time to indulge in this activity nowadays.

In short, I don't exercise regularly. As a medical doctor, it's something I'm a little reluctant to actually admit. I have never set foot in a gym, and neither do I plan to in the future. I am already living such a tight schedule in my first year of residency and attending to other family and social obligations that this has been at the end of my set of priorities. Frankly, it's the only thing in the healthy lifestyle list that I am unable to do (aside from the usual lesser number of hours of sleep all doctors are subjected to in the course of their training and profession).

I still wonder when I will ever incorporate a regular routine of physical activity into my schedule...