The One and Only... Doctor! 5/18/2008 11:52:00 PM

I'm the only medical doctor in my immediate family and my immediate extended family (no other medical doctor among cousins, aunts, uncles and their wives/husbands). I wasn't even planning to be a doctor until the 4th year of high school. Then, I was planning to take up medical technology, but decided at the last minute to take up biology as a pre-medicine course, a decision I won't ever regret (I made their the friends I know I will have for the rest of my life!) Anyway, when my mother found out of my decision to become a doctor, it was supported all the way even to the point of having one of my aunts in the U.S. take care of my tuition fee in medical school. It seemed like it was a dream come true for her to have a daughter as a doctor. My father's attitude was more of "If you want to do so, go ahead. Whatever you like." I wasn't forced to go to medical school, but boy, did I get all the encouragement to go through the whole process!
I feel like nobody in my family understands what I went through or am going through, and about to go through. I only have my friends and the members of my "other family" (see my previous post) who are doctors or who were then in medical schoool to talk to.
It's a little odd that they would all consult me in some matters but would not listen to me in others. My mother who's a diagnosed diabetic will still let her sweet tooth go when my father tempts her with goodies. My asthmatic brother will leave his inhaler at home when going on an overnight trip. Yet, my younger sister will always want me to check on her sore throat. I get texts from my cousins about medical stuff.
Still, I know they all love me and support me, especially my mother who is back to making me breakfast early every morning (I always go to early morning mass so I have breakfast at 5 am) and packed lunch everyday (I don't want to get in line in the cafeteria if I happen to be eating between performing to barium enemas.)