TIME TO GO ON A FOOD TRIP! 6/01/2008 04:58:00 AM

It’s just about time for us to cut the chitchat short, say grace and dig in! This banquet is officially about to commence!


MerryCherry, MD gives us a glimpse of how Kapampangans do their cooking in “Mangan Tamu”


Joey MD gives us a glimpse of her food choices in “Around Robinson’s Place Manila in 5 Days”

Noel gives us a sampling of international cuisine in his entry “Recent Acquaintances: Pastitsio, Kulfi & Cherry Garcia”


Dr. clairebear takes us down memory lane with this oh-so-familiar street food in “Fishball Memories”


Kittymama shares how Lasagna became her comfort food of choice in Garfield’s (Kitty)Mama”

Dr. Tes glorifies the quintessential Pinoy fiesta favorite and mainstay in “Lechon of my Life”


Got meloinks shows us his sweet side as he savors the sweetness of muscovado in “The Case of the Skin-Rejuvenating Chicharong Bulaklak and the Evil ‘Kamay’, which turned out to be Muscovado”

Ness teaches us the intricacies of cooking this native kakanin the old-fashioned way in “How to Cook Palitaw”


Your host, J.A. presents you with her favorite drink, on the house in “Ice Tea Girl”

I hope you all had your fill of our sumptuous feast. Thanks for joining TBR 11!

P.S. My apologies for failing to earlier cite Abner M. Hornedo, M.D.'s entry "Picky Eaters".

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MerryCherry, MD said...

Kakagutom tong round na to ;)

J.A. said...

Sorry for the delay, guys... I had every-other-day duty because someone was on leave... But I now have weekend off :) (we go skeletal on Sundays in the radiology training program...)

Ness said...

Thank you J.A.! Nabusog ko :-)

J.A. said...

I think that's the whole point of this edition of the blog rounds.

Abner M. Hornedo, M.D. said...


you forgot to include my share that i emailed you... :(

thanks anyway...


theworkingmom said...

Whoa! I guess more people are into food than I thought! Great topic, JA!


J.A. said...

My apologies to Abner... but I couldn't dind your email, honest!
Joey, I guess there's a foodie in everyone of us !

Em Dy said...

This should have been right up my alley but couldn't join as I was out of town. Thanks for sharing. Sarap!