I was probably in second grade when one of our projects was a needlecraft sampler with the Phlippine flag stitched on it and the words "I love God and my country". Somehow, this childhood memory resurfaced in my mind when the topic for this week's TBR came up.

I can't deny the reality that our homeland has its share of problems, yet I can't imagine living and working anywhere else. Sure, in the future, I may have the chance to train further in my field somewhere else, but ever since, I knew deep in my heart that I would still go back and practice here, nevermind that probably half my med school classmates are setting their sights elsewhere around the world with a mind on permanently living there for good.

There is no where in the world where you find people who find humor in the most serious of situations and who would venture a smile at a camera or a friendly wave even if they are waiting to be rescued on a rooftop from rushing floodwaters brought by a raging typhoon. There's a different kind of optimism and faith there.

We have so many places of interest, both typical and atypical from beaches to waterfalls to trekking sites to caves. The natural wonders these islands have to order are amazing. There's a wide variety of food choices as well wherever you go.

I have spent most of my life in this country, and I'm sure that if I go away again, I will long be back with all my heart.

Dorothy is right: "There's no place like home." Even if it is this grey, dreary one called the Philippines.

3 other thoughts:

mel md said...

Everything is in place. It always boils down to the people ('di yung buwaya kind, hehehe).

Hi, doc j. doc din po ako. This is mel.

MerryCherry, MD said...

Agree! Amazing how Filipinos cope with everything by just smiling or laughing about it. If I remember it right, we ranked 2nd or 3rd in the happiest people in Asia last year (through a survey) DESPITE what's happening in this country.

That is something, right?

J.A. said...

You can't really ask for anything more. Yup, it's the people who really count.