Scrapbook Making 6/11/2007 09:39:00 PM

I spent the past day and a half working on the scrapbook of the rural service project last April. I do have past experience on this though...
Flashback to my second semester and second year studying for my undergraduate degree in biology... All students of the University of San Carlos in Cebu City (the oldest school in the Philippines) found my classmates and I taking up PE14-Recreational Activities. We were in an all female section mixed with people from other courses. The guys were in another PE14 class with people from other courses playing basketball at the then uncovered court. We girls found themselves required to make a scrapbook of all the requirements and activities including a cross-stitch project, parlor games, bowling, cultural shows, parties, and presentations. The favorite quip then was that we were taking up B.S. Biology , major in PE, specializing in Scrapbook Making. We were graded for everything of course.
Later on, I decided to continue the scrapbook, now filling it up with some of my favorite poems. It's a great stress reliever.
Come to think of it, blogging is quite similar to making a scrapbook. Both bring out your creativity and help you to express your thoughts.
Since blogging is a lot easier than messing around with printed photographs, decorations, stickers, specialty papers, scissors, glue, and tape, the finished product of scrapbook making is a lot more special.