Memories of Waterfalls (Kawasan Falls, Matutinao, Badian, Cebu; September 4, 1998) 6/04/2007 04:12:00 PM

From the heights of towering hills
To the depths of low valleys
You flow unhindered
Though rocks may block your path
And dams built in your way
Only the Highest Powers
Can ever stop you rush
Awestruck by your enchantment
I cannot forget the sense of peace I felt in you
Nor the amazement and wonder
For how you have come to be
I shall never know
I see all creatures drawn to your beauty
May it be the royal butterflies
Easygoing water striders
Industrious yet fierce army ants
Voracious, hungry spiders
Lazy dragonflies and damselflies
Shy aquatic earwigs in hiding
Playful freshwater fishes
Steadfast snails
And I the human creature
I am in your spell as well
Though it seems an eternity
Since you began your journey to the seas
I know that there as a beginning
And as hard as I try to think of otherwise
There will be a tragic end
When the water shall be gone
And the dry earth stands cracked and forlorn
I shall not wish to live that long
And be a witness to your ultimate demise
I shall not forget that day
When I walked along your banks
When I set out to seek your source
And revel in the glory that is you
Someday I shall come back
I shall pay you a special homage
Your flowing water are the haunts of my memories
In time I shall seek you out again
In time I will go on living
Though it may be just memories for now
This is one of my all-time favorite poems, written 3 day's short of my 18th birthday. I wrote this on a field trip for Entomology class (we tagged along with the Ecology class), with our beloved Sir Plateros. It must have been my 2nd or 3rd visit to Kawasan. Today, Kawasan Falls is a more commercialized tourist attraction, though the pristine waters remain.
Coincidentally, Badian also happens to be my father's hometown. My paternal grandmother still lives there (in another barangay, far from the waterfalls) . She used to tell me that the waterfalls would mysteriously claim a life each year for itself... I'm not superstitious though so I consider it an old wives' tale.
I seldom go there though because I get dizzy on traveling by land or sea.