Blogging For Me... 6/01/2008 06:24:00 PM

I started blogging when I read an article in the Philippine Daily Inquirer all about it. It was my in-between period after passing the board exams and beginning residency training then. And, so, I got hooked. I have been blogging more or less regularly for a little over a year now and nearing my 100th post.

I have always loved to write ever since I was a kid->stories, poems,essays, even some short novels, mostly unpublished. I became literary editor of our school paper in my senior year of high school. I also kept a diary more or less daily from high school until early college days. I now edit the semi-annual newsletter of Banilad Study Center. Though I never thought I would make it a career, writing was always my hobby, something I would have pursued if I didn't want to become a doctor in the first place.

The switch to the realm of the blog came natural for me who have long mastered the intricacies of doing things over the internet and emailing back when I was in college.

When Dr. Clairebear extended the invitation to "The Blog Rounds", I naturally gave it a try and came out with my first entry in its 5th edition, giving in more of my contributions and eventually hosting the 11th edition.

I like the idea of the blog rounds, writing on a theme and making it your own, setting your own boundaries. Somehow though, I find the once weekly schedule a little tight (even if one may or may not choose to blog on the weeks's topic anyway). Maybe a bi-monthly schedule for us doctors is more feasible?

I also like to read up on other people's thoughts on the different topics as it is a great way to find out more about someone you may not have yet met in person. You get a lot about his/her personality from the things he/she writes about and more or less find out more about the persons values and way of life.

I hope the blog rounds continue their discussions indefinitely into the near future with the hope that more doctor-bloggers will join our rounds.

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Got meloinks? said...

I second the motion. Yup, its a little tight.

It's ok to loosen up the TBR's scheduling.

Nyak ako ang napahost ng TBR12 ... Feel free to submit late if you submit an entry to TBR 12-&-1/2 :-) :

LOREN said...

It interests me to find a physician blogger like you (And a good writer for that matter). I learn a lot about a physician's life as I read yur blog. Hope you don't mind that I already added you in my blog roll. Thanks!

J.A. said...

thanks for adding me, loren... the not-so-typical female physician blogger.