rAdIoLoGy NoTeS 02 12/05/2007 04:46:00 PM

People, prepare for my ranting!

I can say I have got the flow of things right already at work but I'm still getting used to all the jokes, teasings, etc.... I imagine that the next 4 years or so of my life will be just as the first weeks of pre-residency. I do feel at home, in my own way, although probably not in the way I want things to be.

I guess that's part of the adjustment.... sometimes people don't read you straight up or they miss-read you or worse yet, they don't have a clue... I think my case is more of "they don't have a clue." It just so happens that only one or two people I work around with know that I'm a member of Opus Dei (and an associate at that -> a celibate who lives with her family and doesn't stay in a center of Opus Dei) and whatever that's supposed to mean. Usually, the closest thing I get to explaining is to say "I'm single and not looking", and to give disapproving looks when double meaning jokes come my way.

Sometimes, I miss the comfort of the early months of my vocation when I was a graduating biology student and had several close female friends around me who knew exactly what it was all about (including one I had dinner with last Monday-> I.P., must be part of the reason I'm ranting right now!), and who would even remind me that it's time to leave a meeting so I can attend Holy Mass!

I should look at it in a more positive light though. It's a way for me to round out the rough edges of m y own personality by rubbing it up against those of other people. Growth will surely come of it.

And so I end this heartfelt ranting. If one of my colleagues reads it, well and good! I hope that if they do, they ask me personally for the full explanation of things in this rant since there's a whole lot more to the things I'm letting out right now.

If anybody else who reads this wants an explanation, by all means you're free to comment or PM me as you see fit.