Christmas Poetry 12/22/2007 05:30:00 AM

I just unearthed another old small steno notebook with two Chrismas Poems I would like to share with all of you to celebrate this season.

Christ Jesus was born

Here on earth on this day

Remember hHim then

In your hearts where he reigns

Sometimes you may think

That He has gone away

Maybe, you're just mistaken...

All along you might have searched for Him

Some place far from your heart


(c.1998, re-edited 2007)

Calling to your loved-ones

Hope is overflowing

Round the season's mantlepiece

Innocence and peace preside

Something is different

The air is light and cool

Must I need to tell you

At Christmastime

Spirits of love reign true


(c.1998, re-edited 2007)

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