10 Things With More Time, 10 Things With More Money 5/23/2011 06:54:00 PM

This is a simple enough title for TBR3 2nd ed hosted by Gaya...  

10 Things With More Time
1. Finish reading all books by Tolkien which I haven't read yet (I have been reading "The Lord of the Rings" for the past 4 years, and I am still in the first chapters of "The Return of the King")
2. Go on more restaurant lunch outs with my sisters.
3. Explore a zoo.
4. Go on another mini-trekking trip.
5. Get serious with the my stamp-collecting habits.
6. Write more letters (snail mail).
7. Go spelunking.
8. Take a long walk in the middle of a centuries-old forest.
9.  Develop a butterfly sanctuary
10. Write more literary pieces.

I really wish I had time to do more things than these.... (sigh!)

10 Things With More Money
1. Give it away to a relative in need.
2. Give it away to that hungry person on the street.
3. Give it away to an indigent patient.
4. Give it away to a charitable institution.
5. Give it away to support volunteer work.
6. Give it away to parish needs.
7. Give it away to the friend wishing for a new outfit.
8. Give it away to grow more forests.
9. Give it away to a micro-credit cooperative.
10. Give it away for the pro-life cause.

I have never really felt the need to have more money than what I have right now... I prefer to give it away rather than take on all the complications that comes with being rich.