rAdIoLoGy NoTeS 21: Gi-bilin sa MRI (Left-Behind in the MRI) 7/10/2009 05:28:00 PM

It's been a hectic week (finally about to end this Saturday!) since I went on double duty then had to forgo the usual every-three-day rotation to be assigned to the MRI during office hours while the MRI consultant is out-of-the-country for a conference.

It's hilariously exhausting to:

- Have the DCC (Disaster Coordinating Council) a.k.a. tandem of J.M. and K.L., the most junior MRI-techs giggle hilariously over one mis-scan (mistakes while scanning and or filming) after another.

-Almost freeze to death everytime R.B. arrives from travelling 2-3 hours from his hometown and turning up the central air conditioning again.

- Deal with patients demanding results when results cannot be promised at the usual 24-hours after sccanning release time (pending if Doctora is not exhausted enough to open the sent images and type them.

-Re-edit the results and signing for them (and also wasting a lot of yellow sheets --- try editing something techinical when you just had been woken up a couple of times at dawn!).

-Listen to the racket (some MRI-techs love their noisy music --or is it noise masquerading as music?).

-Snack without fear of being found out...

-Have the MRI-techs almost caught by the hospital medical director playing NBA via bluetooth sharing on PSP while on hospital duty.

-Make the call on sequences to be taken (and decide if contrast administration is necessary-- yikes!)

I enjoyed it, though... Unfortunately, I haven't found the time to complete my study goals for the next in-service exams because of this.