rAdIoLoGy NoTeS 20: Crazy Things Happen in The Radiology Department :) 7/03/2009 11:33:00 PM

I thought about this post when the currently rotating senior clerk/intern in our department said to me: "Doc, I don't think you would ever grow old rotating here with such funny people to work with." And it's true... The radiologic technologists (radtechs for short) can be crazy... Majority of them (I'm beginning to think it's a requirement before you get hired at our institution) can make a gay impersonation close enough to fool any consultant radiologist (the sonologist actually got tricked into thinking this, when currently none of the radtechs are male homosexuals). The CT-scan techs did do Tuesday Vargas' ditty which went "Hindi ako bakla..." complete with costume for last year's Christmas party celebration. I also had this intern last month who would don two-three lead gowns the entire time he was assigned to the ct-scan.... No wonder his next 15 days of rotation was spent at the psychiatry department of the local government hospital. In the MRI, we usually hide the food in the drawers or in the dressind room, but i think the consultant knows that we eat in the control room when she's out. At lull periods, they are quick to hide their PSP's when she drops in at the control room, and everybody then pretends to be busy. We have also been hiding the water dispenser from the administrator in the IR dressing room for almost a year or so (water deliveries done only after office hours). Then, there's the free for all internet access from one of the network computers (the provider knows that we use it for the access because of some sort of team-sharing and the fact that the radtechs have shown not a few websites and message boards to the engineer while he was visiting). Crazy.... But this is where I work... ;)