Waiting for the Cure 4/08/2009 06:36:00 PM

I just downed the last of the 28 Erythromicin tabs prescribed for the atypical pneumonia I got last week (superimposed on influenza), but I still have coryza (runny nose) and a cough from post-nasal drip...

I was strong enough to still go on duty like nothing happened. When I open my mouth though to say something, it's plain obvious I have a respiratory tract infection.

The interns (senior clerks) rotating at our department have yet to hear me talk in my normal tone of voice (the rad techs have had their field day ever since I started sounding sick and funny...) I hope to be back to normal by Easter Monday. I still have to go on duty this Good Friday though.

Have A Blessed Holy Week and Advanced Happy Easter Greetings!