rAdIoLoGy NoTeS 17: Anger Mismanagement 4/06/2009 04:23:00 PM

If ever this story would be picked up by the Cebuano tabloids, I think it would read:

Intern Nang-Head Butt ug PGI

That was precisely what happened.

In a fit of anger, one of our supposed-to-be-graduating senior clerks broke the nasal bone (it looked comminuted to me -> three fragments) of an intern at our hospital. This happened at nearby popular hang out when the said intern was with three other female interns and also in site of several other senior clerks.

From the information I got, it seems that he felt this particular intern had snitched on him (do you really need to snitch to the resident when you are around but the senior clerk isn't--> plain obvious that the senior clerk is out of post!) thus he got more extensions than he bargained for. Probably though, his ego was hurt when the PGI calmly explained to him why interns scrub in for appendectomies and PGI's don't (Hello--- haven't they seen their share of appendectomies when they were interns a year ago?)

Actually, he had all these extensions coming his way for his laziness (not wanting to assist in OR's as he had not been allowed to scrub out of one after wanting to eat) and absences (going back to the U.S. for holidays--whoever heard of an intern getting excused for going home for the holidays! That's 7 days for each day absent!). There's a rumor he was forgiven for falsification as well for timing in on a day that he was absent.

If I heard it right, the extensions all amounted to approximately 200 days (he got repeat rotations in the surgical rotations).

His only extension at our department though was half a day for playing at an alumni basketball game. But I keenly remember threatening to give him an extension for insubordination for making a subversive comment (I can't seem to exactly recall what it was as of the moment), the only intern thus far whom I addressed such a threat to.

Maybe it was the stress of his whole family coming to see him graduate on stage when he could not make the grade...

Instead, he threw four years out the door (the dean isn't about to give him a diploma after such a public display of anger) plus a criminal record as the intern (a simple guy who comes from a local political family and has relatives who are lawyers) shall be pressing charges.

I kind of feel sorry for him though because I was involved in similar circumstances when anger came to play many years ago.

Yet, I kind of wish that his intern (she actually just quit) girlfriend and senior clerk (his classmate) girlfirend (yes, they know of each other's existence and he's having them both at the same time) would both dump him.

Disclaimer: All information on this piece were taken from a reliable second-hand source a.k.a. a co-PGI of the agrieved party. I will attest though that I personally know both parties involved as they had rotated in our department while doing their senior clerkship.

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the philippine daily idiot said...

maxadong juicy to! hehehe. uh oh.

J.A. said...

The other day the PGI happened to be at the scan and gave me and the intern/senior clerk rotating at the department his version of the events: He was actually embraced by the other guy who then gave him a head butt x 5 (yup, read it right, ka-lima gyud!), then ran away and the poor guy had to also drive himself to the E.R. coz the femal PGI's with him did not have a ride.... He has had reduction of the displaced nasal bone fracture by local anesthesia c/o a plastic surgeon. The weird thing is the one who did the head-butting actually did filed a police blotter and charges first.... Kagubot!