Bisperas (The Day Before) 9/06/2008 10:31:00 AM

Tomorrow, I will be celebrating my 28th birthday. Since, I will be the radiology-resident-on-duty at the hospital tomorrow, I'm writing my birthday post on the eve of the day itself. I'll be cooking for the staff of the department (yes, those guys I have been occasionally ranting about who have appetites of epic proportions!) and my co-residents for breakfast tomorrow. They are planning a maƱanita (dawn serenade) which I am strongly opposed to! I don't know yet if they will really carry out their plan...

Anyway, I used to celebrate my birthday by writing a poem with the exact number of lines as my age when I was in college. I think it is about time to revive this custom...

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Twenty-Eight Verses

With the night at end

Ane the day begun

The sunlight glides

To break the dawn

And allow the rain

To pause and think

Of puddles that muddy

The path one takes

Or rainbows to usher

The day's delight

And I pause to wonder

Of the things to come

Be they lights or shadows

Joys or adversities

And see that the difference

That lies beneath

Depends on one's perspective

Of what is at hand

Thus, I resolve to wear

Those rose-colored glasses

That I may see

The world anew

From the optimistic perspective

Despite the hurts

Or the ills that come

The darkness shall fade

And the light shall come

With the rising sun



9 other thoughts:

ness said...

God bless you today and always.

J.A. said...

Salamat, Doc Ness!

LOREN said...

Happy happy birthday!!

the philippine daily idiot said...

belated ja!

binilang ko talaga ang lines! hehehe.

Ligaya said...

belated happy birthday juv! sorry karun lang ko ka-greet and ka-comment hehehe!

uy cge!! TBR EB ta!!!!!! :-) it has to be on a day nga dili mo duty ni brian though...and nindot unta if doc ness could cross the Tanon for that one too... And basin ganahan pod diay join ang uban! Yey!

Round-up here --

Thank you for contributing! :-)

Em Dy said...

Happy birthday!

J.A. said...

Thanks to all the late greetings!
Gaya, hope we can start organizing the Cebu TBR eyeball! :)

myorthodoc said...

haberday, JA!

Nosebleed ako sa verses mo, but just the same, my good wishes should be with you any moment from now...

Cool blog...

J.A. said...

That's the point of a poem sometimes... Mag-nosebleed ka ug huna-huna kung unsa buot ipasabot... :)