Millipedia 2/29/2008 06:32:00 PM

Those red millipedes have been everywhere these past few weeks at our home. I'm not one to be afraid of creepy crawlies (my fascination for living things and a semester of Entomology took care of any remaining fears...) but it has been driving everyone else in my household nuts (most especially Mama and probably my sister). I don't mind them around at all even in the bathroom... Yup, I'm not the typical shriek-and-squish type at all. I would usually ignore them, or at least let them turn into a ball before throwing the still living thing into the wastebasket...

I kind of feel sorry for these creatures which seem to be totally out of place in our urban home. We do still have a lot of open space in our garden outside, so why do they end up indoors at all?

I wonder if anyone else has been having a similar "situation".

Theories, anyone?

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