rAdIoLoGy NoTeS 05 1/12/2008 09:36:00 AM

We had the examiner who would be recommending to the board whether or not our training program would be accredited last Wednesday (January 9th). I don't know the outcome of it, but I think we'll get accredited. I mean, what could be the best day for it but the birthday of the founder of Opus Dei of which I an a part of, the 7th anniversary of my "special day", and 6 months to the day things were at a finality. I'm writing in a code-like manner again, but those who understand will know. Of course, no mention was made to anyone in my workplace... I always celebrate quietly, on my own, although the following day, I gave some sweets to the interns... I don;t think I'm growing at all... more like retrogressing... Oh, well, to have that maturity!

I made a great escape the following day, to celebrate the birthday of one of the interns... had to go back as soon as I can though since I was on duty... That's my life for now!

I'm so glad I have the weekend off (schedule switches) since I can go on my recollection and finally buy something to sleep on when I go on duty!