A Marry Year 1/27/2008 02:54:00 PM

Not a few people I know are planning their weddings this year or in 2009, including some of my close friends. I have already actually offered my help with preparations to my best friend in college.

I'm so happy to see people starting out the rest of their lives with someone else. My prayer for them is to find the strength and the courage to go though sickness and health, good times and bad, 'till death do them part, as those familiar vows say. And as always, may I add the strong belief in family life and openess to accept the children or the lack threof that God may desire for them?

The world may seem so cynical nowadays seeing that being non-commital is the way to go. And so many people seem to equate love as a mere feeling that comes and goes. In truth, love takes a lot of will power and is best seen when times are not so kind. It stays even if emotions or feelings are no longer there with wrinkles and the other's weaknesses taking their place.

And so, I salute you who are taking the rode of marriage, and I hope that you also try to understand those of us who may have taken another rode in order to be more available to serve God and our fellowmen.