Not Quite Sick 10/09/2012 01:08:00 PM

I was diagnosed with atypical varicella zoster (a.k.a a not-so-usual presentation of your supposedly childhood chicken pox) which gave me a few crops of typical lesions with no other associated symptoms...
Owing to the fact that I was busy and felt otherwise fine, it took almost a week for me to see a dermatologist and got a delay in the diagnosis...
Still, I was made to stay in quarantine at home for another week... What was this usually busy radiologist to do, cooped up at home?
Looking back in the week, I actually had several things going on:
- preparing in advanced talks I will be giving
- readings of Porta Fidei and the accompanying Note with Pastoral Recommendations on the Year of the Faith
- a bit of spring cleaning
- going over old pictures in CD's to pick the ones for a slide show
- working at home with a provided portable viewbox a.k.a. negatoscope and x-ray films brought in for twice a day reading
- more time in prayer
I guess I was busy afterall...  

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