Beginning Again 6/17/2012 04:48:00 PM

It's been sometime since I have paid attention to this blog, probably because I have been busy with other forms of social media, and have been mainly posting via mobile, which can be difficult for something longer than a paragraph. Perhaps I have been a bit lazy in this manner (and impatient with using an old, oftentimes-lagging desktop with Windows XP OS). And yet I realize that this is actually the social media form that is closest to my heart as it is nearest to pen and paper and ideas alone in my room... I once upon a time answered a panel interview that if I had not been pursuing a field of science, I would have been a writer, a poet actually, and I do dabble with poetry online as well... Then the only time I had the courage to apply to the school paper staff in high school, the adviser put me as literary editor (which was my dream position that time). To make a long story short, I have had a long term relationship with words which I could not leave off just because I am now in practice in the highly technical field of diagnostic radiology.

Perhaps this is the time to begin blogging regularly again. There are endless possibilities with this medium of communication, and at the same time I find it a highly enjoyable hobby.

A few weeks back, I was in a closed retreat with no access to the internet whatsoever. In that time of intense prayer with God, I remember thinking of what more I can do with my inclination to be tech-savvy (it comes with an orientation of working with medical imaging equipment all the time) and to be online more often than not to connect with people, keep in touch, exchange views... This is definitely part of the New Evangelization that is asked of me! 

Thus, I resolve to make at least a bi-monthly substantial post (excluding the poetry on the other blog) on different topics of interest.

Nunc coepi! Now, I begin again!