Lucky to Be Unlucky 8/08/2009 04:55:00 PM

Arrangements were made for me to be driven to the airport for my trip back to Cebu. The driver was just about to turn into the gas station when the vehicle suddenly came to a jolting halt. He jumped out to check under the hood. By this time, I had decided to take a look as well (though this person-unwilling-to-learn-how-to-drive had no idea about car engines). The poor thing was overheated. The driver then hailed a few gas attendants to lend him a hand to park the vehicle to one side.

Then I heard the fateful words from his lips, "Ma'am, sumaklolo na ho kayo."

"Ha? Matatagalan pa ba?"

"Opo. Dapat humanap ka na ng ibang masasakyan."

I made a few inquiries and got directions to get on a bus to Metro Manila, get off at Magallanes and take a taxi to the airport.

I was hesitant to call a friend because my phone's battery was nearly empty, but I decided that it was necessary. One of the gas attendants suggested that I make the call inside a nearby building. I told my friend the plan. At that moment, I noticed that this building was a bus stop for a certain bus company and , coincidentally two buses were making a routine stop. The sign on one bus, "LRT, Buendia" seemed oddly familiar.

I asked the driver of my vehicle if this was the bus to Metro Manila. The response was affirmative.

I immediately gave him money for the toll fare going back to Laguna, got my luggage, then quickly jumped on the bus a few minutes before it was set to start traveling to Metro Manila. I texted someone to pray for me to get on my plane ride to Cebu on time.

When I got off the bus, I hailed the only taxi parked at the bus stop. Though it was clearly against my better judgement, I decided to accept his offer of a fixed rate instead of agreeing to pay the fare on the meter. I got to the airport in about 20 minutes.

I arrived at the airport an hour and a half early for my scheduled 5:30 pm flight, just in time for me to answer a friend's inquiry that I was already in the airport. Then my phone went dead.

Sometimes, so many things go wrong in a day, but it only takes a lot more reflection to realize that other things out there are turning our day right.

Moral of the Story? Someone up there loves me and wants to make sure I take a good night's rest before I get back to work the following day.