rAdIoLoGy NoTeS 19: I Stand Corrected 6/07/2009 07:43:00 PM

Rumor was not true at all...

The truth is, certain (in)famous person came to our institution to visit current (or is it ex?) paramour's sick father confined in the icu. This was confirmed to me by the radtech who happened to be about to take the portable chest radiograph of the said patient when the visit occured. I guess not a few staff took camera phone videos of him when he was spotted in the hallways. Since this is Cebu City, most likely people took their shots from a distance, nobody crowded around him, and after looking his way for a few minutes, everyone went back to his own business. Yes, culturally, we are that cool with celebreties...

So how did we all know that he was up for a visit?

Well, the sick patient happens to be one of the sponsors at the wedding of one of our consultants several decades ago. He also is the one who reads all the sick patient's imaging studies.

Sick patient also happens to be my "assignment" (the consultants assign us certain patients for preliminary reading, everytime he/she gets an x-ray the resident assigned has to submit a preliminary reading to be checked by the radiology consultant before the final official radiology report is encoded and printed).

Thus is summary: Certain (in)famous person came to visit the current (or is it ex?) paramour's sick father confined in the icu who happens to be the wedding sponsor of our consultant who has given me sick patient as my "assignment".

Now, how's that for a few degrees of separation!