Goodbyes... and... Hellos... 5/12/2009 09:48:00 PM

These past few moths marked significant events in the life of my two high school barkada (bosom buddies)...
In March, C.P.'s mother passed away... She had started getting sick in August. She came for a CT scan in November. Coincidentally, I was the resident-on-duty. The moment I saw the first images on screen, I knew it was terminal cancer A few confusing months passed when she was diagnosed with something immunological/inflammatory rather than her final diagnosis cancer. She was in and out of the hospital. As I was about to go on retreat, C.P. texted to say that she had died in Manila. I couldn't go to say my proper farewells though. A week or so later, C.P. came by the hospital on her Mom's 9th day and showed me a miniature urn with her ashes as well as images of her wake on my friend's camera phone. It was then that I was struck with the reality that I will never see Tita A.P. in this life again.
Then, early this month, R.S. (well, I should now refer to her as R.S.-C.) got married. I was only able to go to her church wedding, real reasons only known to her and me. She had been jittery for a few months before the wedding, so I decided to have lunch with her and give her the encouragement not to be afraid to take the next step. I think the short lunch worked as she raved about the fact that her fiance would adore my ideas about life and marriage. A few days before the wedding, she texted to ask if I can do the reading at their nuptial mass. I agreed. Then I realized that I did not have anything to wear (I was planning to not follow the color scheme as I was just attending, now I was going to read at the mass)! Thus, I found myself using lunch break while on holiday duty to purchase my yellow dress and fancy shoes (with the help of a friend!) and dinner break to wash and dry my outfit. It turned out well and I even got compliments for the dress. I was misty-eyed at the wedding of this long-time friend (we started our friendship in 2nd grade), but I thankfully did not cry openly (hehehe... that would have ruined my make-up!). I am so happy to welcome my new friend-in-law, S.C.!
I guess this illustrates life as we know it... We say our hellos as well as our goodbyes... Yet the best way to do things is to live our now in the way that we should.