rAdIoLoGy NoTeS 07 - A Requiem for R.R. 3/18/2008 06:06:00 PM

It's been over a week since she was shot dead over a cell phone weeks before graduating with a nursing degree. I remember that day when I arrived early for the day's work and the night duty rad tech was explaining how things were when she was brought to the E.R. while the rest of the staff and I were looking at her chest x-ray film on the view box. Incidentally, an hour or so later, I was attending one of the radiology consultant's readings and her chest x-ray came up again. We fell into the discussion of the events, which somehow lead to concern over the safety of this lone female resident as the secretary mentioned the dim lit road I pass through on the way home every night. The official reading was delayed to clarify some matter. Since I happened to have my missal with me that day, I said the responsory prayers for the dead for her.

Past forward to today, when i overheard the receptionist mention that an official result was needed for documentation to file cases against the accused. I found myself later that afternoon being handed by the secretary her chest x-ray film for a preliminary reading to be approved by the radiology consultant. I showed it to two of the medical interns/senior clerks rotating in our department which lead to another discussion of the circumstances of her death.

Death can come at any time, in any manner. Cases like this remind me of that fact. One has to be ready at any moment to face the end of life here on earth.

Without a Voice 3/02/2008 12:14:00 PM

My common colds has just developed into laryngitis with the accompanying symptoms of hoarseness... Well, you get the picture.

I do have no intentions of being absent for the next few days until my vocal cords function normally, but it's just as well... Certain situations at work have made me realize that it doesn't matter anyway whether I make my views known clearly or not as the case may be... Some people will just not be sensitive enough to give you due respect, nevermind your position of some authority, and nevermind if you demand it... And it gets harder with emotions in the way. And so I continue to pray that my next actions will see me through situations that may or may not develop in the days ahead.

In the meantime, I guess I'll be doing more writing than talking and just bear the teasings expected of the illness that has befallen me. When my voice returns, I just hope that I shall be heard, listened to, and even given just a little more of the respect that I believe is due to me.