A Change of Plans 9/04/2007 09:12:00 AM

I'll be off again in another few days to a two week seminar. And all the while I thought I'll be out in mid-November yet! Oh, well... I had to have the flexibility to adjust my schedule...

Nowadays I'm practically running around trying to get all my papers ready for my residency applications before I go off again! And I just found out a secretary lost all my papers (previously passed in May), so I had to reproduce the copies, and she plans to explain why the rest are missing. I think its more amusing than annoying. Age related forgetfulness!

I'll be celebrating my birthday there on the 7th. I'm turning 27, and 3 more years until I swear off the sweets to at the least delay the onset of diabetes mellitus (diabetes is a maternal heredo-familial disease for me.). I'm definitely going to make sure my cake will be chocolate. Will probably be incommunicado through email and the net during the whole time. Will be back on the 20th, also the birthday of my youngest sister, and a good friend.